life skills 


The Teen program focuses on supporting young men

who are vulnerable to life challenges based on family dynamics,

economic status, academic performance, or a history of trauma,

develop life skills in preparation for independent living.

Eligibility Requirements:

· Must be 14—17 years old male

· Must be TANF eligible

· Must have exposure to high risk factors

Teens will complete the Project LIFE Youth Skills Curriculum to develop skills in money and credit management, tenancy responsibility, problem-solving and conflict resolution, how to obtain necessary documents, among other topics critical to a positive transition. Teens will understand the link between premature fatherhood and potentially long-term emotional and financial instability impacting overall wellness.

Every teen will be screened for mental health and housing instability and will be linked to appropriate services.

Teens currently incarcerated in the Ohio Department of Youth Services (Cuyahoga County residents) or Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center who are preparing to return home are eligible to receive services.

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