The Fatherhood program addresses barriers which may result in housing instability, absentee fathers, and unintended consequences for children. The fatherhood program is focused on helping fathers (new and those with barriers), develop effective parenting skills to successfully reintegrate into their child’s and child’s mother’s life, towards building a positive co-parenting partnership.


Eligibility Requirements:

· Must have children under the age of 18

· Must have legal custody or pay child support

· Must meet income guidelines (TANF Eligible)


Fathers will complete the 13-week Nurturing Fathers Curriculum to develop and

enhance parenting skills to effectively engage in their child’s life by understanding

and responding to their needs, engaging in positive communication with the

child’s mother, and addressing personal barriers.

Fathers who have experienced a long absence from their child’s life, will participate in a weekly peer support group to address fears and concerns with reintegration. We also assist with developing a healthy and mutual co-parenting agreement to support the reintegration.

Fathers in good standing with the program may apply for short financial assistance to prevent instability which might impact the child, such as:

· Rent Assistance—up to four months of rental assistance to prevent homelessness or transition out of homelessness,   

  when the participant is employed.

· Utility Assistance—up to four months of assistance when nonpayment of utility bill will result in homelessness.

· Bus Passes—to support activities for independence such as vocational/educational training program, employment     

  seeking, and to support recent hires.

Program Goal

Fathers will gain essential knowledge and strategies for responsive parenting to increase healthy child bonding and long-term   independence, as  evidenced by  employment, completion of vocational or academic training, securing stable housing, a reduction in court involvement, and positive engagement with their child/children.




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