Social Work Supervision and Professional Coaching

Providing clinical, administrative and professional instruction for social workers, mental health providers and human service workers.

Social workers preparing to obtain their independence license will be provided specific supervision plans to support development of clinical skills and necessary problem-solving techniques. Seminars and workshops are tailored to meet the needs of staff and businesses to support growth and learning. 


The field of social work provides various levels of practice in order to meet the needs of the diverse populations we all service. Whether you work in macro or micro areas of service delivery, obtaining advanced licensure is highly beneficial to developing the skills necessary to diagnose and treat, as well as, lead and influence policy. Obtaining independent licensure affords every social worker access to career advancements and the ability to provide critical services to traditional and nontraditional stakeholders. 

Clinical supervision is not limited to new clinicians and those seeking independent licensure. It is best practice to seek out supervision when you are working with a new population, performing unfamiliar clinical tasks, as well as, to address ethical dilemmas related to the service you provide.


Social workers seeking advanced licensure must be supervised by a licensed independent social worker - supervisor (LISW-S) in order to obtain hours that will count towards their independent license.